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Become part of this explosive online education industry, by selling our high-quality IT and business focused training courses. With us by your side you can grow your return of investment.

Reseller Program

About Us:

UIT Institute is the global-tech leader in video on demand and Intructor-led courses. Through our reseller program, you too can benefit from this explosive business market.

Now you can become part of this explosive e-learning industry, by selling our high-quality IT and business focused training courses. With us by your side you can grow your return of investment.

What is a Reseller?

Our resellers will have a dedicate access code to track all their sales directly from the UIT Institute. All resellers will have the capability and support to market the courses at their desired profit margin, based on our existing competitive prices.

However, resellers are entitled to substantial discounts, marketing assistance, branding guidelines and constant coaching from our support team.

You don’t need to have a current IT and e-learning business to become part of our reseller’s program.

Most of our resellers come from different industries and backgrounds; starting from scratch their new business venture in the e-learning space!

Why become a Reseller?

Post COVID-19, the e-learning industry has been booming! By becoming a reseller with us, you will add a passive income to your current business or new business!!!

Becoming part of the UIT Institute reseller program, you are providing yourself a highly scalable and profitable opportunity.

UIT Institute believes in team effort and partnership with a fundamentally different approach! We know that we are the industry leaders in the video-on-demand and Instructor-led courses. Therefore, by truly partnering with other leaders in their respective space and industry, we can all achieve an unrivaled greatness and passion, while sharing our mutual success.

How does it work?

When you become a reseller with UIT Institute, we provide you with a private and dedicate access code to our courses.

We also deliver you a monthly earning management report. This allows you to track your sales and monthly progress.

Why UIT Institute?

UIT Institute was established post-COVID-19 to cope with the challenges created by this global pandemic. We were created with a goal in mind, to help people deal with the changes and acquire the knowledge and skills they need to compete in the 21st Century.

We knows what it takes to create engaging, interactive and most importantly, effective online training courses.

UIT Institute’s reseller support team works with all for-profit companies and non-profit groups to help maximize their potential return of investment, while creating a thriving e-learning business model that is highly profitable.

UIT Institute will give you the freedom needed to succeed.


– Proven On-Demand Video Learning: Our business partners have proven to learn solutions since 1999, providing students the finest video instructor lectures with the latest technological trends in content development and delivery to help create a unique learning experience.

– Proven Strategic Learning Partner: Our business partners have been chosen by the world’s largest independent training organization, New Horizons Worldwide, as their official video learning content provider since 2008. The year 2012 marks 30 years of New Horizons delivering computer training to more than 30 million students worldwide. Today, New Horizons is the world’s largest independent IT training company with 300 centers in 70 countries.

– Authorized Certification Training Videos: All UIT Institute’s learning courses include official and authorized training videos from Mile2 and more.

– Expert Video Trainers: We’ve gathered some of the best technology experts in the industry to pass their knowledge and expertise on to you in our video training.

– Management Team: Our management team works tirelessly to bring you up-to-date, quality training, from conceptualization to release.

– Testimonials: Our reputation speaks for itself! See what others are saying about UIT Institute training courses. 

How can you learn more?

Please fill out the form to speak with one of our reseller support team members.

While we do not accept every reseller application, we will always reach out to you to learn more and see if your company is a fit for our reseller/affiliate program.

Earn passive income from any of the following courses: Business Management Courses, Soft Skills Courses, Microsoft Office Courses, Cyber Security Courses, Software Development Courses, Cloud Computing Courses, Office Productivity, E-Learning and Project Management Courses – grow with us and achieve amazing success.

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